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What is biological?
The biological cow has space at its disposal (per cow around 10,000 m2 of grassland). It has fresh grass and clovers at its disposal and during the spring and summer they graze daily outside (at least 120 days).
On the grasslands no fertiliser and/or chemical and/or herbicides are used.
The fodder only originates from the own company or from other biological companies. No genetically manipulated fodder is used.
The animals stand in the dry, have the space to move around and lie down.

Since in the biological cheese preparation the use of all sorts of anti-fungal compounds (antibiotics) and bactericidal compounds are absolutely not permitted, the biological farmer has to operate in a very hygienic way.
Very strict regulations apply in order to prevent contamination with undesired bacteria. Not only clean udders during the milking, but also the type of fodder that is given to the cows is important. During the winter they are given hay. The cheese then has a somewhat lighter colour. When the summer arrives the cows eat grass again ("grass cheese", middle of June) and the cheese has more colour again. In the biological cheese preparation maturation-enhancing compounds are prohibited. Finally, the salt content for biological cheese is generally lower (1.7 - 2%) than in ordinary cheese (3.2 - 3.4%), which benefits the taste.