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What is farm cheese?
It is cheese that is prepared at the farm with milk from the cows of that same farm.

One of the striking characteristics of farm cheese is the diversity in odour and taste. You can taste the differences per cheese farm. The taste also varies per season. Therefore, it is not a standardised product, but a product that is prepared purely and according to traditional methods. This renders farm cheese always a unique, rich, and strong taste.

For the preparation daily-fresh milk is used.
The preparation takes place according to traditional methods. Each cheese farmer has his own recipe and modus operandi. Dedication, feeling for cheese, and working in accordance with the latest requirements with regard to hygiene and quality control are necessary for a tasty cheese.

Apart from the careful preparation of the cheese, maturation is of significant importance.
On traditional pinewood shelves, surrounded by the quiet and darkness, inside the cheese a number of transformations take place that result in the typical, highly valued odour/taste pattern.
In the warehouses of De Producent how the maturation process evolves with the correct temperature and relative humidity is carefully monitored. De Producent is HACCP certified and has a storage capacity of 1 to 1.5 million kilos, divided over 16 maturation departments.
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