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The cooperation of cheese producers, Association for the Export of Full-Cream Gouda cheese under government mark, later coined “De Producent”, was founded in 1915.
The Association came into being as a result of farmers not being able to cope with traders, to whom they sold their cheese, and sometimes because of certain circumstances they became financially dependent on the trader. Apart from that, making the supplying farmer responsible for his product and requiring damage compensation constituted a source of unease during that time.

The solid, traditional and methodical approach, in which dedication during the preparation, love for the craftsmanship and above all skills are the standard, has remained. Knowledge, experience, quality control and technique have extended themselves. The quality of the produce has considerably improved by supervision of the production process on the farm from milk recovery through supply, by a dairy produce technologist employed by De Producent. The very specific product of farm cheese is now available in a large number of taste and weight varieties.

'Quality always wins' - that is one of the first principles of the economy. If, apart from that, it also concerns a natural product such as farm cheese, it cannot be different than that which De Producent has supplied over the years; the selected cheese quality that has been well-known for over 85 years.